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Success Stories


We love getting cards, letters and pictures from former POTL animals and their new families! If you'd like to be featured as one of our success stories -- we'd like to hear from you!


Beaudreaux was a 9 year old male poodle who was surrendered by his owner because he "didn't get along with my 10 month old granddaughter." This poor little guy was traumatized by a move into a foster home with larger dogs. He turned out to have chronic allergies, resulting in a painful ear infection. And, it was becoming increasingly clear that at 9, although that is not very old for a poodle, it was going to be difficult to find him a new home. Beaudreaux was so unhappy about losing the only home he had ever known that he started developing behavior problems. And, then, POTL was contacted by an angel, Marilyn Broadaway.


Marilyn had just lost her 8 year old poodle to leukemia and she was touched by Beaudreaux's picture and story on our website. Although she had other dogs, Marilyn just had to have another poodle. We wondered if Beaudreaux would act out during the home visit but he walked in the door, flew to Marilyn's lap and stayed there. Marilyn reports that Beau is doing beautifully. She has conquered his allergy problems and he loves his new home. For proof, here is a picture of Marilyn and Beaudreaux. Now that is one happy little camper! Thanks, Marilyn and Robert, for having room in your hearts and home for Beaudreaux.


Remember Missy? Well, Missy has a new baby brother, Jay Mattherly, who was born around May 12, 2004, and she wanted to show him off --- here is a picture of Jay.




Hi!  My name is Kellie Matherly.  You may know my husband Jason and me from our visits EVERY Saturday to Petco in Longview.  Anyway, we adopted Miss McGoo (Missy, to us) about a year and a half ago.  I just wanted to let you know how she is doing.  Jason got Missy for me as a birthday gift in May of 2002.  I was having a hard time adjusting to our life away from our families, and I was nervous staying alone in our house after dark.  I wanted a very small dog, Jason wanted a very big dog, so we compromised and got Missy. 


When we first adopted Missy, she was underweight, and we could tell that her original owners had beaten her.  At first, she dug up our back yard to the point that we considered giving her back.  I could not be more glad we reconsidered.  Since then she has grown physically and emotionally into a beautiful, caring dog.


Her favorite activities are sitting in the recliner with her "daddy" while he watches TV and playing with her sister Ella, a pure bred Great Dane, who Missy believes is her puppy, despite their CONSIDERABLE size difference. I cannot imagine my life without Missy.  Her enthusiasm and concern for her people is contagious, no matter what kind of day we've had.  She just makes me smile.  In her eyes I can see so much love.  She and Ella recently were bitten by a copperhead while they were defending our yard.  We spent the entire night in the emergency vet's office, but it was worth every minute and every dollar.  Missy keeps me company, she makes me feel safe, and she has won the heart of every single person she has ever met.  She is truly my best friend and the best dog in the whole wide world.  Thank you, POTL for making our story possible. 



Kellie Matherly

Erica & Sam

Below is Erica and Sam.  Sam is one of our foster dogs. Erica recently had a birthday and instead of presents, she asked her friends to bring sacks of dog food and cat food for the POTL animals. This is the second year that Erica was so generous as to give up birthday presents in order to help feed the 80-85 animals we have in foster care.


Happy Birthday, Erica! Sam and her POTL friends thank you very much!


Pat & Taffy

Taffy was a miniature blonde poodle who turned up on someone's front lawn one morning -- tangled, dirty but still a loving and friendly little spirit. She was turned over to a fellow rescuer. We don't know her full story: where she came from or how she was separated from her home. About the same time, we got a call from one of the nicest ladies we've ever met, Pat McDowell, who was looking for a small travel companion. We introduced Pat to Taffy and the rest is history...


Taffy (aka Blondie) sends her regards!! We have just returned from a 3 month+ driving trip through rural TN, KY, MO, KS and AR. Taffy month+ experienced snow for the first time in rural south central MO...about 10" deep! Her commitment to purpose (relieving herself outside) was impressive. She did set some speed records! Given the same circumstances (snow up to my shoulders), I would NOT have been so committed!


She continues to be a lively and delightful companion who goes with me virtually everywhere...and attracts people (of all ages) like flies to honey!! She stands on her hind legs in shopping carts and visits with everyone who sees her. Our walks bring children running to visit with her.


We did participate in obedience training; she learned quickly and does well. She is inclined, however, to "selective listening"!


Thanks for bringing us together a year ago last Thanksgiving!



Pat Lewis McDowell 'n Taffy, too!


Rowdy's New Family

Rowdy is a 15 pound Westie who had been tied to a tree in the backyard the Monday night before Christmas when his owner went out of town (during a storm). Being left outside in the backyard all the time, he became an escape artist desperate for attention. A kind neighbor "rescued" Rowdy from his home situation and brought him to Pick of the Litter. She made a generous donation which helped get him neutered and ready for a new family.


Less than 24 hours after Rowdy was placed on the POTL website, a family from the Dallas area was interested. Following a home visit, they came to Longview to meet Rowdy. That meeting was a success and Rowdy went home with his new family. Here is their letter:


     Wanted to let you know that Rowdy is doing wonderful in his new home! We have been playing fetch (which he is very good at) follow the leader/catch around the house and played in the snow yesterday. Rowdy follows me wherever I go! He loves to sleep in my lap. We have all been playing together.


     Attached is a picture of Austin and Rowdy in Rowdy's crate before we all went to sleep last night. Austin wanted to check it out! They are really having fun playing together!!!!! Austin has been letting him outside and feeding him also. (A little to many biscuits the first day though...but he understands now.)

Just wanted to give you an update.



Sally & Austin :)


Two Kids Together - Austin's First Dog



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